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About makan

Makan is the story of our family, and we want to share that story with you.

Our recipes are our own...

Right from our family's cookbook,

From our childhood.

Home-made, always.


Makan is a piece of Lebanon.

It's authentic.

Makan is true to our roots.

The family

Mom and Youmna cook; they cook really well.

...they've been cooking for so long now.


They're the mother-daughter duo Lebanon has come to love.

I, on the other hand, make sure everything flows smoothly at Makan. I make sure your Saj Wrap comes tight, crisp and warm.

Makan is our family working together to bring you the traditional Lebanese experience.


What is saj?

Usually found in the mountains of Lebanon, the Saj is undoubtedly the most authentic Lebanese wrap out there.


Cooked on the spot on a dome heated griddle, the Saj flatbread is scrumptious, light and healthy. 


The recipe & technique have been mastered by the women living in the villages... and we have traveled around Lebanon to learn the tricks of the trade to come up with a recipe of our own.

At Makan, we bring you the traditional Lebanese experience.


What we believe in

Quality . Home-made . Consistency.


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