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First of all, Makan is a part of our home.

Makan is a piece of Lebanon; it represents our food, culture and way of life. 

Makan is our childhood... our kitchen...  

It's how my mom and sister cook! 


Makan is how our family is. 

It is our story. And we want to share it with you. 


And above all… the food… what can I tell you… I'll leave it to you!

My mother and sister made sure to have the authentic taste of our home in Lebanon, with a Makan twist.


Welcome to the family!


  • Manoushe is a typical Lebanese wrap

  • We use a SAJ

  • The Saj is a dome-shaped grill that cooks a special thin Manoushe that us Lebanese just call Saj

  • Homemade daily 

  • Made with whole wheat flour

  • Suitable for vegans (no butter, no dairy, no eggs)

  • Sugar free

  • Additive free

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